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A chick with a keyboard who is currently under contract with Lady Aibell Press (a divison of Chippewa Publishing) to write three yaoi (prose) titles. (Yippie me! A REAL writer now. XD)

Published work
"Selling Foxx" included in Coming Together With Pride published by Phaze. Proceeds go toward HIV/AIDS research. Available in print and ebook format at Phaze, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Fictionwise and ARe

"These stories were perfect in the way that they complimented each other and fit together in harmony. I highly recommend this book not just because all the proceeds go towards a greatly needed cause but because it was a beautiful collection of stories that I felt came straight from each author's soul."
Simply Romance Reviews

Books due out in 2008:

"Full Circle" from Freya's Bower
(M/M, Vampire, Dark Fantasy, erotica)

"Tainted Past" from Freya's Bower
(M/M dark contemporary erotic thriller)

"Personal Demon" from Freya's Bower
(M/M religious erotica contemporary)
Release date: November 18th, 2008!

Series started this year:
And the series "About to Sin" from Erotic Dreams
(M/M contemporary Priest erotica)Note: This publisher has closed and I'm looking for another home for it.

One shot shorts
"By Invitation Only" from Oysters & Chocolate
(Het. D/s. Published in March 2007)

My writing blog
I.M. Cupnjava's Writing Cafe

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